Children of Herne

Client: Dramanet

Brief: Design, implement, manage and support website and online presence for live interactive drama for 11-13 year old kids.

Response: Designed, concepted and produced a unique website featuring a custom media player, video credits and a bespoke version of a ring-fenced social network very similar to twitter with integrated social gaming elements, designed specifically to be used by kids in the 11-13yr old age range. The project rolled out over a run of 5 consecutive days with a new 3min episode of the story released daily, followed up by a team of 3 writers acting in character responding as the protagonists to the messages and questions sent in by our test team of kids from a local Bristol primary school. The venture was wildly successful with the children avidly engaging with the fictional characters totally suspending their disbelief. The videos can be watched here


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